Comeback (short film, 2011)

Opening title sequence graphics and other graphic material (set props).

Comeback short film website

The client: The 2011 short film COMEBACK told the story of an ageing, 1970s, Australian pop-rock star making a much yearned for comeback in current times. The independent producer and director of had gained key support for the film from several iconic Australian musicians and actors, some of whom star in the film.

The work: Using real archival material and actual 1970s, Australian, record labels and music news press to create an opening title sequence made up of a fictional, 1970s era record label displaying the movie titles and credits. As set props I designed a fictional, 1970s era record label sticker for a physical record, fictional past and present music festival posters, and fictional current and historical music newspaper broadsheets that the actors are seen on screen reading. Eventually the graphics were also used in the title sequences and on
dvd packaging and launch invites.