Gift Box Organic

Existing logo - packaging, social media tiles, retail display

The client: GIFT BOX ORGANIC is a one-for-one organic tampon company set up by actress and winner of Women's Weekly Women of the Future 2017. GIFT BOX ORGANIC aims to combat the fact that thousands of homeless women and girls in Australia go without necessary sanitary items every single night.* or every box of Gift Box Organic tampons bought, one is donated free of charge to women in need. It's a huge step in saving women and giving them back their personal safety, health and dignity in dire times.

The work: Using an existing logo, packaging was designed to be simple, economical, environmental and informative, and stand out from the...pack, at the supermarket. Accompanying social media campaigns and retail displays convey the same spirit of simple, effective enthusiasm and passion.

*In Australia alone, each year over 1.1 million women live in poverty and struggle to afford sanitary products each month. 85,000 women access homelessness services each year, and 25% are young women and girls aged 12-24 Homelessness in Australia affects thousands of women each month, and with limited access to safe, affordable feminine hygiene, many are forced to create makeshift pads and tampons using newspaper, toilet paper, sponges, rags, even dead leaves and bark and using public restrooms at night can put them at risk of assault and rape.