2012 Global Service Jam – Melbourne

Co-coordinator & Facilitator

Global Service Jam (global website)

The project: A service Jam is a cooperative gathering of people interested in a design-based approach to creativity and problem solving, and of course in service design.  It is there to encourage experimentation and innovation – participants come together without a team, without an idea and are given a subject or theme to incorporate in their new-to-the-world design while meeting new people. (source: planet.globalservicejam.org)

The jam weekend runs for two days and two nights with global online hookups to other teams around the world throughout the weekend.

My role: Along with a team of organisers and several facilitators, we organised and ran the 2012 event after around three months planning. Event planning, sourcing of design mentors for the event and marketing were carried out. During the event I helped keep time ensuring teams didn't lag behind schedule, and I also helped facilitate the day helping individual teams examine design issues and explore their creative solutions and ideas.

2012 Melbourne Service Jam (detailed description courtesy of co-facilitator Stefani Di Russo)