My faves...

Throwing Shade is a weekly podcast from SNL writers 'feminasty' Erin Gibson and 'homosensual' Bryan Safi which looks at "all the issues important to ladies and gays...and treats them with much less respect than they deserve". So good. Makes me feel like I'm not the only person in the world (if you like this podcast, you'll know what I mean). 


Lore is an incredible, creepy, beautiful piece of podcasting genius. Exploring the possible truth behind fairy tales, haunted stories and other mysterious 'reportings', this podcast has me totally hooked. It is a fascinating to hear these eery, tragic and sometimes horrendous histories rendered so quietly and with such love and care.


Now finished (sadly! It is my all time favourite podcast), State of the Re:Union set out to explore how a particular American city or town creates community, the ways people transcend challenging circumstances and the vital cultural narratives that give an area its uniqueness. Like a scenic, fascinating, investigatory road trip for your ears, each episodes collection of beautiful interviews and incredible stories are like love letters to America.


Season One of Serial is one season of episodes about a a true murder mystery and is (excuse the caps) THE BEST PODCAST EVER. If you don't believe me, take the word of the whole entire interwebs as proof of it. Listen. Now. I want no argument from you. The second season hasn't been as riveting for me but is actually holding my attention more than I expected. I'll stick with it for sure. But either way, listen to the first season. And don't let ANYONE tell you what happens. Don't look it up online first either. Just listen. You'll thank me after:)


99% Invisible "is a tiny radio show about design, architecture and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world". Story after fascinating little story about all sorts of otherwise ignored or forgotten about design quirks of the world.


Some other greats...

Wilosophy is a fantastic Australian podcast created and hosted by hilarious Australian comedian Wil Anderson where he (in his words) "asks smart people stupid questions and tries to find out the meaning of life. Or something...". Wil, I think you underestimate yourself;) This podcast is actually a slice of heaven – Wil somehow channeling angels and finding wisdoms from god-knows-where from guests who quite frequently say "I've never told anyone this!". It's not so much stupid as a bloody good – frequently hilarious – gift. This is one of those podcasts where you wish you could sit down with a beer with both Wil and his guest after every interview. There is SO much to ask and talk about after listening to these chats. Gargh! Wil please do a live show tour of this podcast! Frustratingly brilliant.


The Osher Günsberg Podcast is an amazingly interesting and inspiring interview-based podcast by accomplished and popular Australian TV and radio host, interviewer and producer, Osher Günsberg. Based in America and Australia in equal measures, Osher brings to light his incredible network of friends and acquaintances, some very well known, some not known to the general public at all. Their journeys, experiences, stories, lessons and wisdom are always compelling – and enlightening – listening. As he says "success stories are contagious". Don't miss this!


The Tiny House Podcast is all about tiny houses and tiny living. Think tiny Tumbleweed-like houses and how to build one...and all the practicalities and mental transitions that come between, like MAJOR downsizing and plumbing etc! What can I say. I'm obsessed and I'm gonna build one. This podcast is teaching me how in many ways.


After The Jump is hosted by Grace Bonney, the creator of massively popular design blog design*sponge. "Through a series of interviews with designers, store owners and up-and-coming members of the creative community, Grace delves deeper into the world of independent artists". Grace brings insights into creative process, creative businesses, hard earned wisdom and introduces a never-ending array of unbeatable artisans and artists through exploring the day-to-day lives of contemporary makers to discussing the challenges they face. I love this podcast and it has taught me SO much about being a creative in this world.

Expect more to be added here as I find them!