The Wednesday Project – Guildford Lane Gallery

Project Coordinator & Team Leader

The project: THE WEDNESDAY PROJECT was a new, weekly, live arts program held at Guildford Lane Gallery (now closed), one of the premier new commercial and for-hire gallery spaces in Melbourne in the late 2000s. THE WEDNESDAY PROJECT aimed to feature art as a living process for the public to view - musicians composing and practising music, painters developing and painting works etc. Each 'show' had an evening launch event and then continued for a month several evenings or days a week, dependent on artist availability.

As Project Coordinator Team Leader, I led a team of five other volunteer student curators in developing, curating, implementing and managing the program including the inaugural launch event for the whole program which spanned two evenings and featured six live performances from artists across Australia. The success of the program meant that it ran for the first two years of the gallery's presence. 

The gallery: Guildford Lane Gallery, now closed, was one of the premier for-hire contemporary exhibitions spaces in Melbourne while it existed. The century-old furniture factory played host to jazz nights, experimental exhibitions, parties and more. It’s also incredibly supportive of recent gradate exhibitions from design courses around the city. Check out their current vertical garden project (at the Flanigan Lane entry), or go check out some jazz.